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Synthesis Essay: How to Do it Properly?

February 8, 2021

Many challenges are standing on students’ way too high grades, solid knowledge, and a bright future. While there are assignments that are rather simple to master, essay writing can become a nightmare even for the most experienced ones. Especially if we are talking about writing a synthesis essay, not an argumentative or an explanatory one. This assignment requires finding and processing tones of information and organizing it into thoughtful and interesting content.

If you also don’t know how a structure, outline, and introduction of an explanatory synthesis essay should look like, this guideline is for you. We will teach you how to write a synthesis essay and boost academic performance easily. Be attentive not to miss anything out.

Synthesis Essay Definition

To get a clearer picture, let us introduce you to a synthesis essay definition from the very beginning. Unfortunately, this assignment is not as common as a narrative or an argumentative one, so even experienced students are puzzled about what a synthesis essay is.

Well, in simple words, it is a discussion of several ideas on a single topic. The data can be found in academic works of other students and professors, in books, interviews, lectures, articles, and other types of sources. So what is a synthesis essay?

While in a persuasive essay, you aim to convince readers and make them accept your point of view, in a synthesis one, your goal is to blend two different topics and come up with a particular argument. For example, you have two papers: one on the rise of shootings at schools and one on increased violence of computer games. After reviewing them, you may come with the idea that the popularity of shooters increases the frequency of shootings.

2 Main Types of a Synthesis Essay

There are different types of synthesis papers depending on the goal and content. Their outline and prompts are different, so if you are willing to understand how to write a good synthesis text, it is necessary to understand the difference.

  1. Explanatory synthesis paper – what is a synthesis explanation? As you get from the title, this assignment type gives the audience information on a particular topic without persuading them. The arguments are objective, and the author should discuss the viewpoints of all sides.
  2. Argument synthesis paper  –  when writing a synthesis essay of this kind, you need to choose a particular side and then provide credible arguments. The more credible and modern the sources are, the more secure and strong your position is. Back every claim and give your personal opinion without fear of seeming subjective.
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Elements of a Synthesis Essay

Writing a synthesis assignment becomes much simpler if you have a detailed plan of action: a chosen topic, a viable thesis, and main sections in place. Below we want to tell you which section of a synthesis essay should be the longest, where to include a hook, and other important details.

The introduction is the first part of your synthesis essay. It is a paragraph or two (depending on the size of the assignment) where you engage the audience, introduce it to the main topics, and motivate them to continue reading.

Body paragraphs always begin with a topic sentence, which is followed by evidence that supports the claim. Remember, one argument = one paragraph. And don’t forget to add transition words and phrases to make the paper look smooth. Finish the essay with a conclusion. Here you should restate the main ideas and explain why the topic is important.

How to Write a Synthesis Paper?

Writing a synthesis essay may be challenging, especially if you are a high school student who hasn’t worked on such an assignment before. But we have good news: with the tips of our writing service, you will easily master the art of writing essays and will become successful, happy, and stress-free.

For your maximum convenience, we have broken up the process into several parts, and below you’ll learn how to create a synthesis essay step-by-step. If you have any questions left about the writing process, essay format, or other paper writing issues, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Choosing the Right Synthesis Essay Issue

Synthesis essays come in a huge diversity, and the only limit when choosing a proper topic is your imagination (and requirements of the tutor, of course). Writing a synthesis paper always starts with choosing the main idea. 

If you were lucky enough to pick the topic on your own, start with browsing ideas related to the subject and disciplines. Write down the issues you like or find interesting for the audience. Then conduct a background check to make sure that there is enough evidence to back the topic and create an informative synthesis essay. Exclude too broad topics because they will prevent you from writing a detailed and interesting paper.

Writing a Thesis

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on an argumentative essay, a descriptive essay, or a synthesis one; there should always be a thesis. It is the key idea of your assignment, and a good synthesis always has it.

So how to write a synthesis thesis? When you have read all the sources and conducted research, you have probably shaped a personal vision on the issue and have come with a particular topic (as was discussed above). The next stage is to come up with the key idea of the essay. And that’s exactly what a thesis is.

Usually, a synthesis essay thesis is one-two sentences long and is placed either at the beginning or at the end of the introduction. It is often complemented with a hook sentence.

Format and Plan of a Synthesis Essay

We are often asked what an outline is. Unfortunately, students are not taught this at schools and are often unable to share their point of view simply because they don’t know how to structure the ideas properly.

An outline is a plan for your future work. It is similar to a synthesis essay structure, but apart from the titles of the main sections, it should include your main ideas and things you want to include in the text. There are many ways how you can write a synthesis outline: in words, in your head, or by drawing pictures and tables. Synthesis essay writing can become a real adventure!

With a clear plan of action, your synthesis essay will be written without any pauses and delays. You won’t have to face writer’s block and will always know what to describe next.

Unfortunately, building an outline doesn’t prevent you from mistakes and typos. But that is what Essay Map is here for! Tell us to ‘edit my essay’, and we will do the rest.

Structure of the Paragraphs

In the sections above, we have already discussed how to start and how to conclude a synthesis essay. In this section, we would like to concentrate on the proper structure of the main paragraphs. Considering that this part is the largest and the most informative one, it is important to give readers a clear and structured picture of your thoughts and ideas. Writers of our service know the secret of creating perfect essays and are ready to share them with you!

The best synthesis format is:

  • the main claim (argument);
  • topic sentence;
  • supporting evidence;
  • evidence analysis

As you see, you should begin with the key argument and then explain why you think that this point of view is credible. Don’t forget to support each claim with reliable data. Every source should be cited accordingly.

Want to know how to write a good synthesis essay body? Then follow the format above, and your paper will surely be a success.

Tips for Achieving the Best Result

Above, we have discussed how to create a synthesis essay and are sure that you won’t experience problems with this assignment. With our help, you will easily define the main arguments, find the necessary prompt, and deliver outstanding results. 

But to make the content flawless, we have made a check-list of the things to remember:

  • stick to third-person writing. Yes, you can use the first person in an essay but not very frequently. Use she, he, it, and an active voice to make your paper vivid and professional;
  • include transition words and phrases to ensure logical connections between sentences and paragraphs;
  • use a proper vocabulary. The terms you use should be academic and appropriate.
  • make sure that all sources are properly cited;
  • always proofread and edit your document. There should be no spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

We understand that a synthesis paper may seem complex and impossible to write, but you shouldn’t stress out or be afraid of the task. There is always a chance to pay for an essay and get a perfectly written assignment.

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