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64 Persuasive Essay Topics for the Most Forceful Papers

December 18, 2020
Persuasive Essay Topics

When you get the next persuasive essay writing assignment, you most likely think of the researches you’ll have to run and of the long process of the data analysis. It is the initial step for the task of making academic papers. However, it not the very start of the job. EssayMap is the ‘write my paper’ company that deal with many tasks on essays, research, lab report, and other papers, so, we’ve become experts on the process.

Any academic paper starts with picking the topic. It is the factor that will direct all your effort. You will understand which information to collect and how to analyze it for the field to explore. The topic choice has another value that is even more significant – it is the first “trump card” you can use in your favor.

You have to apply all your knowledge and skills to do the task properly. The results will be several pages of text telling everything about your level of expertise and many other required skills. However, it works vice versa. The right persuasive essay topics are your chance to establish yourself as a brilliant performer. It is always better to play on your home turf, and you have this chance with the right topic.

If you are allowed to formulate the topic yourself, or interpret the theme assigned to you – use this opportunity to your benefit. We at will help you with this task and help to find out what is a good persuasive essay topic. Besides, we’ve collected various persuasive topics for you. But, before proceeding to that list, let’s clarify some points.  

The Specificity and Catches of the Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay is a close relative of an argumentative essay. Some guidelines even merge these two types into one. Still, we consider it is more precise to differentiate this essay kind separately.

The goal of this essay is to convince your audience. Also, you need to prove the rightness of your point of view. It is similar to what you have for the argumentative essays. In both forms, you have to use arguments obtained by researches and influence the public. But the difference is in the approach.

Persuasive speech has to be stronger. The argumentative essays appeal to logic and show both sides for the readers/listeners to make their choice under the weight of arguments. The persuasive paper offers discussions as well, but it appeals to emotions as well. The job is to convince people to accept your point of view as the right one.  

It should be mentioned that this task is tricky. As scientific researches claim, people rarely change their opinions, and logical evidence might not reach the target. However, it is possible to persuade people using the combination of logic and emotions to impact the audience on several levels at once.

Hence, the right choice of the topic is critical for this essay type. You can persuade people if you are sure of your rightness and if you possess in-depth knowledge of the subject. This way, you can offer the most valid and influential arguments and parry all counter-arguments.

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Features of the Right Topic: What to Consider?

The main requirement for choosing the persuasive essay topics will be standard: take the aspect appealing to you and where you can deliver a brilliant performance. But let’s dig into this task more to find the critical details that you should not ignore.  

  • the right topic for a persuasive speech is the one that you are genuinely interested in and know much about. People tend to respond better to the evidence provided by experts;
  • the topic must be disputable. The fact that you have to provide your rightness means that there must be an alternative opinion. By the way, you’ll have to explore the opposing arguments as well and be ready to disprove them;
  • good persuasive essay topics are current and burning. It should deal with events or trends that already provoke social discussions. Often, they relate to the political issues, and you can get some “hit” persuasive essay ideas from the TV news;
  • analyze the possible reaction of the audience. Think about the listeners/readers – their age, their cultural and social background, and their beliefs. When you know this, you can pick up the ideas that will grasp them;
  • consider the tone of your essay. As you need to persuade someone, you will need to appeal to emotions. At the same time, you need to be in control of your presentation. If that topic itself is painful for you, it would be better to restrain from taking it. Take something more neutral instead.

Now you know what to rest on when choosing from the persuasive essay topics for your essay. Let’s check the variants below and get the one that would let you do yourself justice.

The List of Topic Ideas for the Persuasive Essay: Get the Best Option for Your Needs!

We’ve collected some exciting and original ideas from different fields. No matter if you are a high school or a college student, you can find the variant that will match your interests. Use some of the suggestions directly or as an inspiration for your own ideas.

Persuasive Essay Topics Suitable for College

  1. Social networks have killed people’s privacy.
  2. A college degree is necessary for getting a proper job.
  3. The weak interest in college studies is the teachers’ fault.
  4. Video-guides are much better for learning than books.
  5. Online lectures are not efficient – we need a personal presence.
  6. The current duration of school education is excessive.
  7. Colleges have to use marketing techniques to attract sponsors.
  8. World-class sportsmen should have personal benefits when studying in college.

Fine Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Slavery was economically grounded.
  2. Fast-food advertisements must be banned.
  3. Depression is a national threat.
  4. Doing sports can be unhealthy.
  5. Running is an inefficient practice.
  6. There are conditions when freedom of speech should be limited.
  7. Zoos and aquariums should all be canceled.
  8. The new world economic crisis threat is fake.

Accessible Persuasive Topics for College Students

  1. Being vegetarian makes your memory weaker, so it is more challenging to study in college.
  2. Modern wars have nothing to do with the economic state of countries.
  3. We should return the foreign cultural treasures to their home countries.
  4. Wars don’t stop because some people make money in them.
  5. Educational loans are a trap.
  6. The current tax policy for rich people is unfair.
  7. Is personal privacy less critical than state security?
  8. The royal families are a relic that should be canceled.

Persuasive Topics for Dedicated Research Papers

  1. Beauty contests for children contradict all ethical principles.
  2. The difference in rate per hour for men and women is justified.
  3. Big holidays have lost their meaning and turned to pure marketing attractions.
  4. Gender equality is impossible.
  5. Bullying is a crime and should be treated like that.
  6. Why is irrational thinking still powerful?
  7. How could TV shows become more important than real-life problems?
  8. Inclusive education is necessary for the development of society.
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Topics for Persuasive Arguments in Speeches

  1. Any hunting practices must be abolished, no matter how traditional they are.
  2. Pirating copyrighted content is a problem for global economics.
  3. Stereotypes in mass culture are a severe threat.
  4. Gender switching should be forbidden before the legal age.
  5. Religions gain more power despite scientific progress.
  6. The most overrated works of art.
  7. The unpaid internship, even in global companies, does not help in building a career.
  8. Developing countries don’t really benefit from foreign aid due to corruption.  

Elementary Ideas for School Persuasive Essays

  1. Reading books is obsolete.
  2. Homework is not an efficient learning method.
  3. Sitting in the class is a waste of time.
  4. Everyone should know at least one foreign language.
  5. We need more in-depth sex education in school.
  6. Schools need their social networks.
  7. We need new educational methods, like video games.
  8. Single-sex education is more effective.

Creative Topics for Impressive Persuasive Essays

  1. The factors that turn a book into a bestseller.
  2. Propaganda is healthy if used correctly.
  3. Celebrities should stay away from politics.
  4. Name the three super-popular books that don’t deserve that popularity.
  5. Libraries with paper books are dying.
  6. The most unfairly framed person in world history.
  7. What are the historical myths we must disprove?
  8. Having fun in college is necessary for health.  

Persuasive Speech Topics with Personal Meaning

  1. We should teach all students to appreciate art.
  2. Atheism is just another form of religious belief.
  3. If adopting parents must pass all tests, it should be the same for biological parents.
  4. Having friends is necessary for psychological development.
  5. Abusive relationships don’t depend on gender.
  6. High-quality healthcare must be available to all people.
  7. Eating meat is harmful to health.
  8. Traveling around the world is necessary for personal development.

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So, you have the criteria for choosing persuasive essay topics that would match your needs and help you to live up to your plans. When the problem is appealing to you and your audience, and you know you can present it spectacularly, it is your chance to win that essay.

On the other hand, the choice of the topic is a critical step, but it is one step only. You’ll still have more tasks to do. It can be so that you’ll face more challenges not related to the writing itself. In this case, you can refer to the professional authors of and ask, “write an essay for me.” Our team is your support whenever you need it. You can order from us the persuasive speech, essay, or any other type of academic paper, on any subject and topic. No matter how sophisticated and urgent that task is, we are more than capable of performing it.  

We’ll help if you are under strict deadlines and won’t cope with the job. Or, when you suffer the writer’s block or have to focus on other assignments at the moment, we’ll support you. Improve your marks, just contact the Essay Map right now!

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