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Persuasive Essay: How to Write a Winning Essay (Step-by-step Guide)

October 10, 2019
Persuasive Essay: Step-by-step Guide

A persuasive essay is one of the most complicated academic assignments. Often, students face numerous problems when dealing with this type of essay. In fact, a persuasive essay is a research paper aimed at revealing your ideas to readers and persuading them to share your point of view. When you write an essay, you remain a lawyer for the case you tend to prove, thus you have to provide the strongest arguments and evidence to support your opinion.

The main task of a writer is to convince an audience to share the same point of view and follow certain directives. In order to have such an effect on your readers, you should provide a great research work with strong arguments and supporting evidence. Make sure to deliver up-to-date and relevant evidence to let the reader understand your issue.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a complex academic paper where you persuade readers to share your point of view and follow certain actions. You need to select an issue to analyze and prove with strong supporting evidence. Choose a certain issue and support it with relevant and up-to-date evidence. Since this is a kind of research paper, you have to follow its proper structure and format as well.

Make sure to select an important and debatable topic for your persuasive essay. Your topic should be easy to analyze and the one you can argue about in your piece of writing. You should provide a thesis statement and argue for or against this statement in your essay.

A great persuasive essay always includes a compelling introduction that lures the readers’ attention, a strong thesis statement, and solid supporting evidence. Moreover, once delivering a compelling essay, you must provide some critical suggestions, arguments, and recommendations. In fact, the persuasive essay allows checking and analyzing vital issues and drawing attention to the problems important for social development. Furthermore, you can improve your personal and social level once working on critical thinking projects and implementing your best research and writing talents.

Persuasive Essay Outline

Every professionally written persuasive essay always contains an outline. In fact, an outline is an essential part of an essay since it allows for organizing an entire paper properly. Moreover, you can use an outline as your writing plan for a paper. Thus, you will never forget to add all the important elements into your final piece of writing.

So, you can check a persuasive essay’s structure example to figure out how to organize your essay properly:

Introduction Paragraph

An introduction is a starting point of every essay. In addition, a persuasive essay requires an attention-grabbing introduction to lure readers’ attention from the very first words of the paper. An introduction should be compelling to start persuading your readers to share your point of view and follow certain actions.

  • It must be compelling and catchy;
  • It should grab the reader’s attention;
  • It must contain hook sentences;
  • It must contain a thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs are the main part of an essay that contains the main arguments and supporting evidence.

  • This part of the text contains an overview of arguments;
  • Every separate paragraph must contain a single idea;
  • It contains relevant and up-to-date supporting evidence;
  • It must include an opposing view paragraph.


A conclusion is the final message of an essay. In this part of the text, you should restate your main arguments, a thesis statement, and supporting evidence. You should use a call-to-action in a conclusion to persuade your readers and make them follow certain actions.

15 Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas

You can select a wide variety of great topics for your persuasive essay. Moreover, you can check the following list of the top persuasive essay topics to perform your excellent paper.

  1. Parents responsibility for their kid’s illegal actions
  2. The Internet influence of modern generation
  3. Alternative energy benefits for modern society
  4. Cyber-attacks’ influence on the modern digital world
  5. Filters for inappropriate materials in college
  6. A request to display calories in restaurants
  7. Death penalty for child molesters
  8. The volunteering work as literacy tutors
  9. The universal definition of truth
  10. Prohibition of polygamy in the world
  11. The sex education of students at high school
  12. The development of contraception for men
  13. The prohibition of biological weapons
  14. The human behavior determined by genetics
  15. The existence of God: religion against science

You can select any of the topics mentioned in their original form for your persuasive paper, modify them if needed or ask our writers for help.


How to Write a Persuasive Essay Step by Step

Writing a good persuasive essay is a complicated task, but you can succeed if you follow the next writing guides. The next writing steps will help you to organize your writing process properly and assure a perfect essay’s structure.

  1. Read an assignment carefully. When you need to perform a persuasive paper, you will get an assignment from your tutor. Make sure to read it carefully and check all the requirements.
  2. Check the time you need to complete a paper. You should remember about a deadline, thus try to start writing an essay as early as you can.
  3. Consider your audience. In order to persuade your audience to follow your directions, you must provide well-targeted content. Thus, make sure to analyze your audience’s needs beforehand.
  4. Choose a strong and important topic. It can be complicated to choose a good topic. Select an important issue to analyze in your paper. It must be a concise and debatable topic.
  5. Consider strong arguments. When dealing with arguments, consider the top essay’s arguments and opposite viewpoints.
  6. Come up with a strong thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main issue of the paper you need to analyze and prove with supporting evidence.
  7. Brainstorm your evidence. Make your thesis statement debatable and strongly supported with various up-to-date and relevant evidence.
  8. Outline your essay paper. An outline is an essential part of an essay. It helps organize an entire paper properly and can be used as a writing plan.
  9. Write an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You need to come up with a great compelling introduction, with hook sentences and a thesis statement, strong arguments and opposite viewpoints, supporting evidence in the body paragraphs, and a conclusion with a call-to-action.
  10. Edit and proofread a completed paper. Your final paper must remain an original and flawless essay with the main statement proven with strong and relevant evidence.

Persuasive Essay Example

Persuasive Essay Introduction Example: “Does absolute truth exist?”

When we are talking about a definition of “truth”, it is possible to come up with various clever ideas. But when we seek to explain the existence of absolute truth, it gets complicated. Can you explain the absolute truth in the world? Numerous absolute concepts exist, including a gravity that always works and remains something unchanging for us. But how can we characterize the “absolute truth” concept? Is there any absolute truth in the world? In fact, absolute truth is a form of reality that has its meaning and special features. It does not matter whether you believe in it or not, but it still exists.

Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay

When writing a persuasive essay, make sure to follow the next helpful tips to improve your paper:

  1. Always conduct a small pre-research to consider your arguments and opposite opinions;
  2. Know your enemy, thus check and learn the oppositions’ arguments in details;
  3. Take time after completing a paper, thus get to editing and proofreading in a day or two.

So, persuasive essay’s writing process requires great writing and analytical skills. Moreover, you should know how to persuade your reader, thus be ready to use various writing tips and secrets. In modern life, it is quite easy to find various examples of persuasive writing. You can find them in newspaper articles, blogs, advertising pieces, and political speeches. Be aware, a persuasive essay is aimed at persuading a reader, and not just inform him.

You need both to prove your point of view and assure the reader that the opposite opinion is fully incorrect. It is hard work for a student, but you can always reach Essaymap writing service to get your paper written, edited or proofread by a professional. We deliver top-quality writing services for the best price on the market!

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