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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Ideas to Help You Write a Great Essay!

October 1, 2019
Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

What is a Good Compare and Contrast Essay?

All themes have something in common and something different. Such fact allows students to write good academic papers no matter the topic. Professors in college and university also prefer to give such tasks because they can easily estimate the authors’ skills of analyzing and critical thinking.

The task is called contrast or compare essay. The writer needs 2 subjects to describe in the paper. It could be similarities, differences, and both of them at the same time. But usually the essay is concerned on the one theme, so an author describes subjects by common particularity or explains their different sides.

You cannot twist up contrast essay with another type of academic paper, because it always has the contradistinction in the text. If you write in compare style, there will be a detailed description of standard features. If your task is to make contrast text, you will find out opposite sides of your subjects. Exactly this fact makes this type of academic writing very recognizable.

Notice, that choosing topic doesn’t really belong to the writing process, but it means a lot for your compare essay destiny.

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What are the Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics?

There are more suitable and less suitable topics for contrast essay, so students should make the right choice at the very beginning of making their task. Remember, choosing the exact topic depends not only on your tastes but also on your specialization, study field, the current scientific situation in your discipline, etc. Your essay should be informative, relevant, and interesting, and its success really depends on the topic. Sometimes professors propose several options, but usually, it is a student’s task so you may choose any topic from this list.

Good Compare And Contrast Topics

  1. The main sides of Lincoln and Franklin political portraits
  2. Similarities in World War I and World War II
  3. Differences in American and Mexican national dishes
  4. The particularities of red and white wine
  5. What is better: to be a child or an adult
  6. The comparison of TV shows and radio programs
  7. Common sides in Roman and Greek cultures
  8. The benefits of cloud space and hard drives
  9. What are the differences in jazz and blues music genres
  10. Particularities of Greek and Roman mythology
  11. What is tastier: meat or sweets

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

  1. The main differences between essay and research paper
  2. The comparison of home studying and traditional school education
  3. Fundamental differences between oral and written literature
  4. The role of theory and practice in students’ experience
  5. The main particularities of British and American English
  6. The main differences between bachelor and master studying program
  7. Why American and Canadian English languages are different
  8. The experience of writing a dissertation and scholarship essay
  9. The advantages and disadvantages of visiting libraries and studying at home
  10. The American and European studying systems: the main differences
  11. The differences in any college degrees

Funny Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Who is the bad teacher and who is the good one?
  2. To lie or to say the truth: what is better?
  3. What will you choose: the book or movie about Harry Potter
  4. Pros and cons of female friendship
  5. The benefits of walking and jogging
  6. Are you a Facebook or Instagram user?
  7. Are video games harmful or useful?
  8. Why you can’t avoid school exams?
  9. Would you like to be a DC or Marvel hero?
  10. Why are cats better than dogs?
  11. How to choose a job position: to be president or prime-minister?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School 

  1. The life of college students and school students: benefits and disadvantages
  2. To study with scholarship or to pay for education
  3. The differences between high school and college relationships
  4. The psychological comfort in school and college
  5. How boys and girls feel after school graduation
  6. What to choose: to be single or have a boyfriend/girlfriend in high school
  7. The advantages and disadvantages of part-time jobs for students
  8. To work part-time or be a freelancer during education
  9. The choice between business and IT classes
  10. The benefits of group projects and personal tasks

Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Parental control: pros and cons
  2. The differences between private and public schools
  3. Reasons to choose healthy food against junk food
  4. How to shop on Amazon and eBay
  5. The difference between civil marriage and church wedding
  6. How do electronic and gas cars work?
  7. The differences between electronic and acoustic guitars
  8. Why are college exams more complicated than school tests?
  9. Computer science or arts: what is more popular and why?
  10. Vegetarian lifestyle and eating meat

Interesting Compare And Contrast Topics

  1. The advantages of tea and coffee
  2. The best material to build the house: brick or wood
  3. National differences among Eastern and Western people
  4. The mail similarities in European and American culture
  5. How Africans differ from Americans
  6. To fly or drive: the safest travel option
  7. Would you choose movies or cartoons?
  8. Similarities in chess and checks
  9. Would you choose a vocation in winter or summer?
  10. The good and bad in McDonald’s food

Compare And Contrast Topics For Elementary

  1. The arguments for tomatoes as fruit and vegetable
  2. To play football or basketball: how to choose?
  3. The advantages of Samsung and Apple tablets
  4. Do aliens exist? TOP arguments pros and cons
  5. Is melon a fruit or a vegetable?
  6. What is the best season?
  7. To eat breakfast or to eat lunch?
  8. The benefits of computers for students
  9. To play games or learn lessons during your leisure
  10. What is better: books or movies

Ideas For Compare And Contrast Essay 

  1. The differences and similarities between North and South Korea
  2. The water or coffee for breakfast
  3. The comparison between iOS and Android applications
  4. Do you prefer a Windows computer or MacBook?
  5. The benefits and disadvantages of day sleep
  6. Studying at home or abroad: what will you choose?
  7. The negative and positive sides of slavery in America
  8. To eat bread or prefer a gluten-free meal
  9. The similarities between Chinese and Japanese languages
  10. To live in Europe or Asia: what is your choice

What are the Steps in Writing a Compare And Contrast Essay?

As you understand, choosing a topic is only the beginning of your job with a contrast essay. The process of writing includes several stages:

  • to make a structure and outlines;
  • to collect interesting information;
  • to make a catchy introduction;
  • to write the main part with facts;
  • to make a summary of the topic according to thesis statements;
  • to proofread the paper.

It is very important to divide your paper into 3 parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion. Such structure will help you to keep one of the main requirements in creating a contrast essay. Your introduction and conclusion will take 1-2 paragraphs, and the body will include all the main arguments. 

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