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Five Paragraph Essay: How to Write a Good Essay in 6 Steps

September 3, 2019
Five Paragraph Essay

What is a Five Paragraph Essay?

When your aim is to give a clear answer to the exact question in your paper, then 5 paragraph essay is the best option. Students often get such task in college and university, because professors can easily check their skills in a topic. Such writing format looks very simple because it includes several parts and only 1-2 pages.

But don’t be misunderstood. No matter its size such a task requires even more efforts than a traditional essay. The point is you have to work hard on the exact sentence because each one is under the spotlight. Besides, according to its small length, the author must create a proper structure and make a lot of edits. Sometimes editing requires much more time than writing.

The format of the 5 paragraph essay is simple for the first sight. It includes traditional parts of academic papers: engaging introduction, full body, and interesting conclusion. Notice, If you change the structure, your paper will have no reason to be called ‘five-paragraph essay’.

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How Do You Write A Good 5 Paragraph Essay?

If you know several tips about making 5 paragraph essay, you will be much more successful in this task. So use these pieces of advice, execute each step, and your paper will be awesome. This is how you should write a five-paragraph essay:

  1. Create the first catchy sentence. Such a hook is great for introducing your topic and encouraging readers for further content. You can use questions, quotes, comparisons, interesting facts, statistics, and other brilliant information for this part. Besides, you may add a hook sentence in the conclusion too;
  2. such a small length of the paper doesn’t mean that it is unimportant. You need to combine short and long sentences to keep a text rhythm, use relevant synonymous to make the paper more readable, keep the logic structure, etc;
  3. don’t forget about your topic. The 5 paragraph essay is really small, so warp from original topic is a big breakdown of the rule. You must focus on the exact theme, create thesis statements, and use them during the whole essay. Besides, your conclusions should also be connected with the introduction and body;
  4. use fair and strong arguments. These parts are the most important to support your topic. Don’t try to add unreal facts, because it will spoil all essay. Always check information before adding it to your paper;
  5. proofread your essay, even if you are sure in its quality. Remember, that you can miss something important during writing and editing. It would be unpleasant to see a stupid mistake in an awesome paper;
  6. don’t ignore rules. They are made to make your writing easier. Be responsible and keep all requirements of 5 paragraph essay so that the assignment will be perfect.

Of course, the experience in making such papers is more useful, so there are special platforms which propose writing services. In any case, you have all in your hands. Do your best and follow all recommendations for having success.

What is the Format and Outline for a 5 Paragraph Essay?

The key to success with 5 paragraph essay is keeping proper structure and other writing requirements. So you should use the following structure:

  • introduction for 1 paragraph. It starts with a hook sentence that can catch people’s attention. Of course, your professor will read the paper even of your introduction doesn’t encourage him to do it, but such a mistake will definitely decrease your chances for the high mark. Besides hook information like statistics, facts and quotes, you can add a thesis statement to demonstrate the aim of the whole essay. Try to describe your purposes and topic briefly, but in detail;
  • body for 3 paragraphs. This section is created to present all your facts and arguments. You can share here your personal thoughts, add samples, and show all knowledge in the topic. You need to divide the body into 3 parts according to your thesis statements. Also, try to support each section with proper citation;
  • conclusion for 1 paragraph. This part should make a final summary of your paper. Write it according to the thesis statements and don’t forget to add your own opinion about the described issue.

Five paragraph essay is a unique format in writing, but it also requires an outline. Such blueprint is very useful because it allows the writer to make a relevant plan and keep it the proper way.

The amount of sentences is not as important, as the amount of paragraphs. But usually, each section includes 2-5 sentences, where the author should seesaw between long and short sentences. It helps to keep the rhythm of the text.

How to Start 5 Paragraph Essay?

You can begin your paper only with an introduction. This is an obvious part for your five paragraph essay no matter what. Write short, logic, interesting section to ensure readers in its high quality.

Also, you need to collect enough materials. Such preparation stage usually prefaces writing and requires equal time with paper creation. Remember, when you start your 5 paragraph essay you should be sure in your own powers.

Professional Help with Your 5 Paragraph Essay

There is nothing better than to hire a professional author to write a  5 paragraph essay for you. Such a decision helps students to be confident in the paper quality and do not spend their precious time on writing. But if you want to execute this task on your own, try to use all help you can find. It will increase your chances of making high-quality paper and get a desirable mark.

You can use 5 paragraph essay examples to find out how it works. These documents are available below and will be useful for both inexperienced and professional authors. Good five paragraph essay sample is a recently prepared task which is absolutely corresponded to current rules in academic writing. It was checked and highly estimated by professors. That’s why you can use such examples as a good standard of 5 paragraph essay while making your own.

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